Community Projects

Through Community Projects, our guild members create finished quilts that are distributed to various charitable causes such as women’s shelters, Hospice, veterans, nursing homes, etc. Support is needed throughout the entire year, and there are many ways to contribute:

  • Take a quilt kit to work on at home.
  • Volunteer to quilt a top.
  • Donate fabric, batting, or sewing supplies.
  • Notify the board of local causes with an immediate need.
  • Attend our annual workshop at which we bind the quilts and add a finishing label.
  • Collect and distribute the finished quilts.

Donations of completed tops and/or finished quilts are especially appreciated. Members may request that their quilt be sent to a specific cause by attaching a note. Here are some guidelines based on these recipients’ needs:

Lap quilts that will be used with wheelchairs should have rounded corners and a bias cut binding.  A standard size should be around 36’’ x 48’’ with minimum of 36’’ x 36’’ to a maximum of 48’’ x 48’’.

Hospice quilts are used as bed toppers and should measure 3’ x 5’ finished. These quilts are matched to the patient’s personality whenever possible and are later given to their family. Feel free to add novelty prints within a theme like fishing, travel, music, etc.  We request these quilts be machine quilted.

Key Quilts We are supporting children ages 5–17 living in a group home setting by presenting them with their own comfort quilt and pillowcase.  Suggested size is around 50″ x 60″.  Donate a top or completed quilt.  We request these quilts be machine quilted.  A matching pillowcase for presentation is appreciated.  We have separate HAVQG Key Quilt labels for these quilts.    

General guidelines:

If using ties to finish the quilt, spacing should be about 6’’ apart and all knots should be secure. Tied ends should be trimmed evenly and approximately ½’’ to 1’’ long.

Bindings should be made from 2.5’’ strips cut straight or on the bias for durability and double folded.

All Community Project quilts are finished with the HAVQG official label, so please show pride in your work and your pride as a guild member in sharing the warmth and comfort that your work provides to others!

Take a Look!

For a look at a selection of quilts created and donated by our members please follow the link to our Gallery page here.

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