We’ve rolled out a new Facebook page: HAVQG Quilt.
Please click here to find it/like it/ ask to be “friends” as we will eventually move away from the current business page for administrative ease.
HAVQG Quilt (Facebook)

Please send quilt and guild related items that you would like posted to our (new) “HAVQG Quilt” facebook page to:

The Quilt Show is Now on Instagram!!

Are you on Instagram? Do you have friends or family members that are? Our show now has an Instagram account for show publicity only.  Go on Instagram and find us:     havqg_2023_quilt_show

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Upcoming Events:

March 12th 2:30pm at South Church of Amherst, 1066 South East Street, Amherst. “One-month-to-go” preparations and tune up for the Quilt Show.

OUR NEXT QUILT SHOW:  April 2023 at Hampshire College !!!  Co-chairs are Gloria Carver & Sara Fredette.  For more information, click here.